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Lo, I have set up my presence at LibraryThing (kaote, of course), and saw that it was good. Within a couple of weeks I want to have all of my books categorized - from the priceless treasures on my shelf to the trashy romances I keep under the bed. Every last book. And I want to see exactly how many books I really own (and whether I make it into the 50-largest-libraries list).

Also, this forces me to look at and consider every single book, and will hopefully keep me conscious of the things I buy in the future since I'll have to keep up my list. I should also find out how many other duplicates I've accidentally accumulated besides The Left Hand of Darkness. It has also inspired me to start a pile of stuff to sell back to Half Price, since some things I looked and honestly wondered why the hell I had them.

Thirdly, I will be able to brag about my library to other people and show everyone how leet it really is. :) I was a little bummed that some of the editions I had were too old to be listed, so I had to simply substitute a more recent printing.

So far I have 89 books in there, and that's just the first short bookshelf mostly consisting of graphic novels, computer stuff, and mass markets. When it's all done I should be able to list them by tag (super handy), title/author data, popularity, etc. What a great website!

EDIT: meh, so I lied. I've gone ahead and started with the tarot drawer and the occult bookshelf, and filling up my 200 alotted slots tonight. Whee!
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